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27 November 2009 @ 02:28 am
PUBLIC → rules & loved list.  
» Do not take any graphics that were not made for you.
» Do not edit anything made for you, or take someone elses' icon and edit it. If I've made an error in your request, I'd be happy to fix it for you. :-)
» PLEASE comment when you've picked up your graphic! I realize that there's life outside the internet and things happen beyond our control, but please don't request if you know you're not going to use it / pick it up.
» My work is one of a kind; I do not re-create anything custom made for someone. Community freebies I keep the .PSDs for and will re-create.
» Give me hex codes, not colours. I will not use #000000 or #FFFFFF. Same as example is fine by me!
» The only people that should use a subject line, unless I specifically say so, is my loved list. Simply put "loved" if you are.
» For picture icons: I need a decent sized, decent quality picture. No close ups, please. Limit of one person unless I say so in the post.

Everyone on my personal friends list. :-)

» sailinghome  (permanently)
» trickle  (permanently)
» tool  (permanently)
» velociraptorx  (permanently)
» labellamadre  (permanently)
» jetcas  (permanently)

Decided to give everyone a clean slate, there's currently no one on this list!
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